Simply Asia
Being the first time we tried Asian cuisine in an Asian restaurant, we expected some pop of flavour, or maybe just a little bit of it only to be greeted by a flavorless meal and the question “is this it?”. We ordered ourselves the Chicken spring rolls which were undoubtedly scrumptious with a blend of crunchy on the outside and mushy on the inside topped with the sweetness of their sauce. The Thai Style Noodles however, disappointed with the taste, unless of course that’s what the meal is supposed to be like. We were looking forward to it but we didn’t even finish the dish even after we added some chili condiments.

The staff was absolutely welcoming and friendly, made us feel at home with their great service.

And for this, we’ll give Simply Asia a 5/10


When you’re in that state of craving for something but not knowing what, we’d recommend Steers burgers 100% all the time. A mash of sweet and salty in their beef burgers will have you asking for more.
We tried looking for a nah but honestly, there isn’t any. Their menu is affordable with specials every now and then and we totally recommend for the meat lovers.
We will give Steers a 8/10 for overall experience and the food. Can you tell we’re happy with them?



BBQ Rooftop, Maboneng

With a breeze of fresh air and upper views to the city, if you’re looking for an outdoorsy type of scene while you dine your way through a variety of meat options and seafood, BBQ Rooftop in Maboneng is the place you are looking for. A designated DJ and some festive vibe throughout the year with a barman who’s certified to give you your heart’s desired drink to go with your mood.
This setting is particularly good for the summer days and nights to give you a cooling breeze because of the location on top of a building with direct views of the sun and sunset.
We had the pleasure of trying their platter for 2 (which was supposed to be their largest) and honestly it was underwhelming because it could have easily been a plate for 1. Their portion numbers are true to description but the portion sizes? Another story.
Despite the portion sizes, it does not take away from their delightful fresh taste and perfectly seasoned kingklip and on their meat.
You will very much pay for the worth you get to experience, not cheap and not expensive either but for the portion sizes, you will likely complain.
There is more than enough staff to cater for you so you will not likely be complaining about poor service. The staff is also very well trained with the manager checking in on everyone once in a while to ensure you’re well taken care of on your table.
We will definitely recommend BBQ Rooftop for their top of the range drinks and their outstanding views & service and leave some room for improvement.
A good 7/10 seems fitting for the overall experience.